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The boys of summer. Oh baseball. It just feels right to spend a summer night at the baseball field right? It’s such a fun summer time activity to do with friends. Seriously, I love it! Watching sports just makes me so happy! I think that comes from playing them so much when I was younger, and now I miss playing so much! Watching them is my way of reminiscing maybe. Who knows, I just love it!

Last weekend my boyfriend (yes, you read that right! Catch that announcement on instagram) and another couple went to a Dodger vs. Cubs game. It was seriously so fun!! I’ve been to Angel’s games a million times, but this was actually my first time at Dodgers stadium for a baseball game. Dodgers stadium is older than Angel’s and it definitely feels more vintage. Matt’s a big Cubs fan (hence the hats), and the couple we went with are Dodger fans. The Cub’s lost, but it was still such a fun night. We even got to watch the fireworks from the field. That part was pretty amazing!

I posted the above photo on instagram the day of the game, and had so many questions about my shirt. I got the idea from this pin and just knew I needed a shirt like this. Honestly, I wish I had one years ago for all the games I went to during college. The company that makes the shirt from the pin was all sold out in my size so I had to search for a top on my own. I ended up going with this one from amazon. It fit great, and it was screen printed on so I knew it wouldn’t come off. I’m going to link a few more below that you can click through.

Top: Amazon (some similar ones>> amazon, amazon, american eagle, amazon)
Jeans: Hollister
Flannel: J Crew
Shoes: Converse

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    Such a cute look! I love that top! That is one of my favorite movies!

    1. Reply

      Right! Such a great movie. Thanks for reading Brigette!

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    This outfit is so cute! Perfect for baseball games during the summer. Love your photos!

    1. Reply

      Thanks Brittany!

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    That shirt and the flannel is perfect for this!


    1. Reply

      Totally agree! Thanks for reading Alix.

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    What a cool shirt. I love these shirts that have clever sayings on them. And looks great on you.

    1. Reply

      Thanks Kasia! I love this movie so the shirt was a must.

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    Aw! I was supposed to be at those games that weekend! My brother in law plays for the cubs! (He gets called up/down on occasion and wasn’t called up for those games! I was so bummed because they are so close to home!)
    Last year he played for the Tampa Bay Rays so I definitely need to get some generic baseball shirts in case he gets traded again haha!

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      Oh my gosh that’s awesome! How cool to know a pro sports player.

    • the sophia diaries
    • June 5, 2017

    Omg I love this outfit and the photos taken 🙂

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      Thanks Sophia!

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    Cute top! I’ve never gone to a baseball ⚾️ game, hopefully I’ll catch one this summer.

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      You totally gotta go LeWahn! They are so fun!

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