A Pony Tail No Make-Up Saturday

Black Leather Jacket Outfit Inspo

White t-shirt Black Leather Jacket Black Leather Jacket Outfit Inspo Moo's Musing Outfit Inspo Ball Cap Outfit Running Errands Outfit White v-neck Moos Musing Ralph Lauren Blue ball hat

Today I’m sharing a really casual outfit that I wore running errands last Saturday. I really try to give my face and a hair a break on the weekends. Sometimes that doesn’t exactly happen with my busy life, but I always take every chance I get to not be all done up. I think it’s super important to let your skin breathe and give your hair a break from the heat! So that is what I was aiming to do with this outfit!

School is finally starting to get busy over here for me. I am trying really hard to stay on top of my work and not let it slide since I am graduating, but man is it hard! I would much rather work on this blog or my business with my free time rather than homework. I also am trying so hard to still have fun and enjoy my final semester rather than being super stressed about what comes after graduation. That’s such a huge struggle for me, and I am trying my best to give all my cares and worries to the Lord and let him handle the future. So with that, I welcome any tips on what you would have liked to tell yourself before graduating college!

Shirt: Aerie (seen here)
Jeans: Hollister
Boots: JC Penney
Hat: Marshalls

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    So pretty! I’m super jealous that you look so good in a baseball hat, I basically look like a man-child in one (not cute). Love your booties!

    XO, Rachel

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