Backwards Braid Into A Bun

Sometimes when I actually have the time I do enjoy playing with my hair. I have pretty straight hair, and it can be very slick and slippery so some hairstyles are harder than others for me. My inspiration came from Amber who posted this hairstyle on instagram. Her hair is my absolute favorite, and I think it looked a bit cleaner on her, but I really liked wearing it myself.
STEP 1: Part your hair. I like mine on the side, but you can do yours however you prefer.
STEP 2: Start at the crown of your head and do a backwards french braid down your head. Once you get to a spot for your bun stop braiding and put a clear elastic to hold the braid in place.
STEP 3: Take the rest of your hair and make a messy bun.
All done!! Let Amber know you tried out her hairstyle, or I would love to see it too! Tag me on instagram or twitter at @justmissymoo.



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Mariah Cooke
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