Back In California!


It’s official! I am home from my family’s vacation!

Going on vacation is always really wonderful, but coming home is incredible too. I always miss my animals, my bed, and having my own bathroom. Traveling is wonderful, but nothing beats the comfort of home!

Yesterday was our first day back and I hung out with Michael for the majority of the day. We went and saw How To Train A Dragon 2. ADORABLE! I loved the first one and the second one was just as good. I cried…so be warned. It was so nice to spend time with him after being apart for two weeks. 

After I came home and went to bed at 8:30. I slept for 11 hours. The whole not sleeping well in New York thing, and the time zones was obviously affecting me!

Today my mom, sister, and I had a wonderful mother-daughter beach day. The weather was great. It is so strange to think that a week ago we were putting our feet in the Atlantic Ocean and today the Pacific. 

Tonight my best friend is coming over. It has been wonderful to spend time with the people I care about the last 2 days! What a wonderful thing to come home to after vacation. It makes the laundry a little more durable 😉

Stay tuned for Boston/New York recaps coming soon!


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