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Weekend Recap

Hello Friends! This was a pretty good weekend if I do say so! Friday night I babysat, and started on one of my 6 papers…6!! Yes I am going crazy, but the peace that only the Lord can give is slowly coming back to me. I am just plugging away. And just saying I got […]


Friday Letters

So this is my first link up. I am slightly just really completely excited to do it. Here it goes! Dear Friday, Thank you for finally showing up! I was really looking forward to you, and what you bring this coming weekend! Dear homework, the semester is almost over, but those 6 papers are not […]


Times and Talents

So yesterday in one of my Christian Studies classes we were talking about the act of worship. One of the questions we were asked was what part of our bodies do we use to worship. My first reaction was all of us. We use all of ourselves. My answer was that it was a lifestyle, […]


Hello friend! This is the first blog that I have ever had. It is sort of exciting writing something that everyone can see and read. People I may know, and people I may not know. There is just something very exciting about it. So I am Moo. AKA Mariah. This nickname does not come from […]

Mariah Cooke
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