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shirt: oniel white shirt: forever 21 scarf: forever 21 jeans: hollister Hello Friends!   I am exhausted. Between work and school and this move I am not sleeping well, and all I want is a night to relax where my school books, and a blank word document, that is just reminding me of the papers […]


Lots and Lots of Stuff To Do

Hello Ol’ Friends, This weekend felt like it had to have been more than 2 days long. I have been on a fun adventure, to a conference, on a shopping spree, on a date, and written another paper! Friday night was the student leadership kickoff for CBU. I received an internship at my school in their […]


It Is Finally the Weekend

picture from pinterest here   Dear Friday, Thank you for taking your sweet time to show up this week. I say that with all honesty, and no sarcasm intended. I needed all the time I could get this week so thank you. Now that you are here though I greet you with open arms!   […]


Comfort Color

Hello My Friends! How are you all today? If someone is asking I am good! Tomorrow is Friday!! I cannot wait! AND I have 8 pages done! Hallelujah, Praise Jesus! So today is the third day this week that I have worn white…Monday it was a ruffle white shirt, Tuesday a white sweatshirt, and today […]


What I Wore Wednesday

Hello All! Isn’t today just beautiful?! The sun is shining and it is a high of 85! Yippee! I cannot wait for spring to come and this chill to go away! I am dying for a good tanning day. Is it sunny where are you today?    So my Birchbox came in the mail yesterday. It […]


Weekend Recap

Hello Friends! This was a pretty good weekend if I do say so! Friday night I babysat, and started on one of my 6 papers…6!! Yes I am going crazy, but the peace that only the Lord can give is slowly coming back to me. I am just plugging away. And just saying I got […]


Friday Letters

So this is my first link up. I am slightly just really completely excited to do it. Here it goes! Dear Friday, Thank you for finally showing up! I was really looking forward to you, and what you bring this coming weekend! Dear homework, the semester is almost over, but those 6 papers are not […]

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