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Hello Friends! Please expect a variety of pictures! All weekend I have tried my best to document what I did during those lovely two days. Both days were very nice and relaxing! I really enjoyed them. They gave me a small taste of summer since I am so close to be finished with school. After today, […]


Blessed to Be a Blessing

This post is not going to be a long one, and I will recap my events of the weekend later. I just have a really full heart and I felt that I should share with y’all. Tonight was a dinner/get together for my new internship at CBU for their campus activities group. I have mentioned […]


The Weekend Is Finally Here

   Hello My Dear Friends, First off, I am sorry for the horrible quality of the above picture. However, it is the best I could do in rushed circumstances. The photo was taken on my phone. I just wanted you all to see my cowgirl side. Tonight I went to Norco’s Horse Week with […]


its just me lately..

  lately…..    …..I have been seriously loving to much new music! There are so many good singles out. Hunter Hayes has a new single “I want crazy” and then I just heard Sara Bareilles’ new single Brave. I love it! They are just all so good. Plus Michael Buble has a new CD out. How […]


Working Hard or Hardly Working?

shirt: forever 21 black jeans: forever 21 boots: reflection…a little store in our mall I must first start this post off by saying I am so sorry for not posting something yesterday. It was such a busy day! I went from school, to work, to a CBU event that I had to help out at. […]


Weekend…you mean chaos??

Hello Friends! Welcome in Monday! or maybe it isn’t so welcome. Today is a nice start to the week for me. I hope it is for all of you! This week I get to cruise on by until the end of the school year. Yay! I have on more week left. I cannot wait to be on summer break. This […]


Moving Day!

Moving day! You  are finally here. Yes, today I woke in one room, in one house, and am now going to sleep in a different room. A different room, in a different house, in a different neighborhood. the view I saw as I woke up. a very blank wall Now mind you this rental house […]

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