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This collaboration with Smile Brilliant has been a long time coming, but I wanted to make sure I had properly tried out this product before I showed it off to y’all. When they approached me for a collaboration, I knew I couldn’t pass it up! I think we all know that everyone wants whiter teeth. Almost all toothpaste brands seem to market with some sort of whitening aspect, there are tons of different stripes out there, and people spend ridiculous amounts of money on whitening treatments. So what is this that I’m talking about then? Smile Brilliant!

Smile Brilliant is an at-home, professional strength, custom teeth whitening system. It’s affordable, and the same type of system that you would get from your dentist. They send you a putty mold with detailed instructions that you make your impressions with. This step reminded me of when they made my impressions for my braces back in middle school. Once you create the mold you send it back ( in a padded envelope and postage that they included), and a week or two later you have your custom trays. Once you have your trays you start using the whitening and desensitizing gel that was included in the original package. The best way to whiten that Smile Brilliant suggests, is  right before bed. You can start off with 45 minute whitening sessions and work your way up to 3 hours. After every whitening session you finish off with a 20 minutes session of the desensitizing gel.

So, what was my experience like? Well, let me tell you I was really pleasantly surprised. A little bit of back story information first. Back in about middle school, my dad and I did one of those light whitening experience. I think it was for about an hour, and all I really remember is hating it and being in sooooo much pain. I also have what is called Tetracycline stains. They are on my front left tooth (right in the below photos) and are from antibiotics I had to take when I was a baby. They’ve always been there, and are just like a scar on my tooth. They show up as white blotches.

Back to the stuff you really want to know. Yes, Smile Brilliant actually works! I saw results even after the first time whitening. The custom trays really do fit and work out really well. What’s nice about them is that they aren’t uncomfortable, and you can swallow and talk just fine while using them. The hardest part for me was the timing of when to whiten. They suggest 1-3 hours, but honestly anything longer than 2 hours and I’m eating some sort of snack. So to find a span of 2 hours, let alone 3, that I’m not eating is really hard. They say the best time to do it is before bed, which I found to be true. While I don’t have very sensitive teeth the whitener is very strong and I found that the longer I left it one the more sensitive they were. However, that is why the kit comes with desensitizing gel and it does really help! Another really awesome fact is that the kit comes with TONS of gel packets. The results that I have is from 4 whitening sessions, and only one syringe. The gel lasts 1 year and 2 years if refrigerated, so I can wait a few months and then whiten some more. Also, another thing to consider is that I didn’t stop drinking coffee. I still had my one cup every morning. If I had given that up my results would probably be even more amazing!

The best part, I want you to try Smile Brilliant out too! You can enter the giveaway for $139 credit! (Giveaway is open to USA, UK, Canada, and Australia residents) or you can use these coupon codes: 5% coupon code: moosmusing5 (all products), $15 off custom-fitted tray kits: moosmusing15

Smile Brilliant Before and after

If you still aren’t sure about the process you can read these tips for more info: “What to know before buying.” or you can watch another testimonial “How I whiten my teeth.”
Whitening Teeth At Home

While this post is sponsored all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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    This sounds cool. I wouldn’t mind investing I. Something that brings great results such as whiter teeth. At home makes it worth it.

    1. Reply

      Oh yeah, the at home part is so nice!

  2. Woohoo, thank you so much for this suggestion! I have been looking for a good at-home teeth whitening kit (that isn’t Crest) for so long!

    xo Kathryn

    1. Reply

      It works so well, and is so convenient! Thanks for reading Kathryn.

  3. Reply

    Wow! The difference was actually noticeable! Great photos with your post 🙂

    1. Reply

      Thanks Nadine!

    • Tine
    • February 8, 2017

    Great results! I’ve always wanted to get my teeth whitened but was always a bit worried about ending up looking like a freak afterwards, but these result looks so natural!

    1. Reply

      That’s a good concern, I felt like Smile Brilliant really helped keep it natural.

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