Adjusting To A New Normal

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Life is all about adjustments. It’s always changing and there really isn’t anything we can do about it. As we go through life we kind of just have to jump on board and roll with the changes. As much as change is such a huge part of life it’s something I feel like everyone struggles with. I titled this post “Adjusting To A New Normal,” but what is “normal”?

We all have rhythms we get into or a schedule we follow and maybe that is your normal. Maybe normal for you is hectic but having the same people do the crazy with you is normal for you. Whatever normal is we all know it will only last for so long. I’ve gone through many changes in my life, whether that be changing jobs, schools, or the people in my life. Adjusting is hard and even when you feel like you final have gotten used to what may be going on around you life could quickly change again. It really is a vicious cycle.

Adjusting to the people in your life I think can be the most rewarding, but also the most difficult. Unless you are a hermit who lives in the woods refusing to interact with the human race (which you probably aren’t if you are reading this) then you deal with people pretty much daily. It’s pretty much impossible to not see the same people on a day to day basis. Sometimes those people are your family, roommates, or best friends and you enjoy (even if only a little) being around them. Others can be people with personalities that you have a difficulty being around. When we put a significant amount of effort into a person it can be incredibly rewarding. However, not everyone you interact with stays in your life forever. Your coworkers change, your friends change, even the barista who takes your order every morning is probably not going to be the same forever.

I think this reality is a little sucky. I miss the people who either have left my life, or who I’ve chosen to walk away from. Yet, life is still great and God has a plan with every change that occurs. Each one has a purpose and even though they may be hard to walk through in the beginning when we trust in His plan we know there is a reason for everything. So here’s to adjusting to new “normals.” Whatever that might be for you.

Lately adjusting for me has been to some people coming and going through my life. Over the past summer that’s been happening a lot. A part of life it seems. Some adjusting has also been to the new jobs of being receptionist and wedding planner. All exciting things, but adjustments none the less. I’m loving this stage of life right now and am blessed with all that the Lord has been giving me.


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