A Windy San Francisco Day

Windy San Francisco Day Outfit

Windy San Francisco Day Outfit Windy San Francisco Day Outfit

Windy San Francisco Day Outfit Windy San Francisco Day Outfit  If you cannot tell by these photos, it was a very windy day in beautiful San Francisco. This little photoshoot was incredibly spontaneous and very few of these photos actually came out. It was a struggle you guys, a real struggle! Either way though, you can get the gist of my outfit..

While we were on vacation up north, one of the days we went into the bustling city of San Fran to explore. We stopped by the Palace of Fine Arts (a gorgeous piece of architecture), and had a lovely picnic on the grass. Then, we searched out some hole-in-the-wall thrift stores and a paper goods shop for yours truly. We finally ended the day at the Walt Disney Family Museum. Walt is one of my favorite people to have ever lived and going to the museum which commemorated his life journey is just incredible! I love seeing his life and history. It is so interesting to me how creative he was before he was the famous “Mr. Disney” and the ideas that his brain was able to come up with. If you are ever near San Fran, this is an absolute must see!

So, back to the spontaneous photoshoot and my outfit of the day. This outfit worked out well while roaming around the city. I scored these shorts at a thrift store before we left for our trip. I love the extra little detail on the front in the form of extra buttons and pronounced seam work. It takes this plain jane outfit from plain ol’ boring jean shorts to something a little bit nicer.

Top: JCrew (similar) Shorts: Thrifted Sandals: Target Purse: Target (similar)          


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