A Weekend of Christmas Activites


Monday…today is not just a Monday but it is the Monday after Thanksgiving break. Which means back to reality. BLEH! Back to papers, projects, and work. None of which sounds very fun. All I want to do is curl up with a blanket, and hot coco in front of the newly put up Christmas tree. Doesn’t that sound way better then sitting in humanities class? Well it sure does to me!

Today I am linking up with Sami! Here’s what I did this weekend!

Saturday was really hard to get used to the time change again! I was up early and tired so early!

Donny and I started off by running errands. Also he went with me and waited while I got my nails done. Isn’t he such a good boyfriend?! He really earned brownie points on Saturday.

After running errands we came back to my house. My dad and Donny put the lights up while my mom, sister, and I cooked Thanksgiving dinner. Since we didn’t really get a Thanksgiving dinner in New York we decided to have one after the fact!

After dinner D, my sister, and I went to see Frozen. It was INCREDIBLE! For one, it is about sisters. I mean my sister is my best friend so of course I was going to love it! Plus, there was singing and the songs were so good. I just loved it! Such a great Disney movie! You all should go see it!

Sunday morning started off by watching this handsome man preach to the junior high ministry. It is something I do not get to watch every month, but I love to listen to God use him! It makes me so happy to see what Christ is doing through him!

After church my family headed out to a Christmas tree farm. This is now the 2nd year that my family has chopped down our Christmas tree. It is so fun! I really enjoy doing it! The tree is wayyy fresher than getting it at Home Depot, and it seems to last all the way throughout the season! If you have never chopped down your own tree before I seriously suggest it!


Of course after you get the tree you have to decorate it! This is a family tradition! We put Christmas music on and pull out all the ornaments. They all hold so many memories!

After my family decorated the tree I went up to Donny’s house and hung out with his family.

Did you do any Christmas festivities this weekend? Seen any good movies lately?

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    Christmas tree farms are the best! What a fun thing to do with your family 🙂

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      I love it! I saw your pictures doing it too. How fun!

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