A Picnic In The Park

Casual Fabric Short Outfit

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If you’ve been following along via snapchat, twitter, or instagram┬áthe last two weeks then you know that I just got back from a family trip to New York City. Going on vacation is always such a blessing, but I have to say there is no place like home.

Since this wasn’t our first trip to the city we got to do so many different things. I’ve covered all the basic tourist things that everyone has to do when you visit NYC. I’ve been to the top of the empire state building, and seen the Brooklyn Bridge. So this time around we simply enjoyed the city a bit more.

One of the days while we were visiting we simply had a picnic in Central Park. It was so much fun and relaxing. I love how New York has parks everywhere. They are like little oasis’ in the midst of the chaos of the city. It was lovely to just sit there and watch all the people who come through Central Park and even enjoy all the different kinds of birds you see. It was really calming up until it randomly started raining on us. Then we had to pack up in the rain, but I didn’t mind one bit since we rarely get rain here in So Cal!

Top: Hollister
Shorts: Lux
Sandals: J Crew Factory
Bag: Urban Expressions (Last seen here)


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