A Little Absent, But A Lot of Fun


Hello my lovely blogger friends!

I am so sorry for my absence here in this corner of the internet. I tried setting up some posts ahead of time, but as training and new student orientation started up at CBU I just couldn’t get ahead. However sometimes I think that is okay! It’s important for me to live life and enjoy exactly what is going on. Which is exactly what I have been doing! So here is a picture recap of the last couple of weeks.

These are all the lovely lady interns of Community Life (my office). It has been such a blessing getting to know these girls the last couple of weeks. God has blessed me with some awesome friendships!
Opps! Accidental matching!

Can’t go through training without coffee runs! 

Another incredibly awesome thing about these new students coming in is that my baby sister is one of them! We are officially both college students! So crazy! I am so excited to have her at CBU with me. Some super fun times are in our future.

Another thing that has been going on the last 2 weeks is that I have been sick 🙁 During training I caught myself a cold, and never seemed to get rid of it. I lost my voice, and then it became super hard to breathe. So this past week Michael and I took a trip down to urgent care where I had to get a breathing treatment. That was awful… I am so happy I don’t have asthma. I cannot imagine doing that every so often. I am starting to feel better so that is such a blessing! Not to mention I have to thank my awesome boyfriend for taking care of me and putting up with my no voice, and sicky attitude. 
So that is what I have been up too! How has your last weeks before school starts been? 


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