A Day In London

Moo's Musing Big Ben

Buckingham Palace Moo's Musing Big Ben Buckingham Palace London Buckingham Palace London Big Ben London Westminster Abbey Westminster Abbey Moo's Musing Big Ben The London Eye Moo's Musing Big Ben Moo's Musing Big Ben Moo's Musing London Guide Saint Pauls Cathedral Moo's Musing London Moo's Musing Big Ben Moo's Musing Big Ben Big Ben London Guide A day in London London Guide Moo's musing Platform 9 3/4I hope y’all are loving these travel posts just as much as I am. Just wait til we get to France! Those are my favorite! After our day in Bath, we were headed to London for a day trip. We drove through the country side, and then took a train into the city. The drive was absolutely beautiful. In Southern California we don’t have a lot of rolling hills. The more up north you go you might see more open spaces with some cows, but you have to get much farther away from where I am from. So driving through the English countryside was so incredible for me. Also, they have so many sheep! I was so amazed with the sheep that just were hanging out on the side of the road. It was awesome.

Once, we got into London we had the best timing with everything! The changing of the guard only happens every couple days, but it just so happened that the ceremony was going on the day we visited. They were also knighting someone that day which made the ceremony a little bit more extravagant too. From Buckingham Palace we went to Big Ben, and just as we got there the chimes were happening. It was all so beautiful and amazing! We got to see Saint Paul’s Cathedral, and we also toured the museum of London. Oh! We also road in a double decker bus. Couldn’t pass that up.

London is such a beautiful city, I wish we spent more time there!


    • Courtney B
    • March 31, 2017

    This looks like the most fun trip! Gorgeous pictures too!

    1. Reply

      It was awesome! Thanks for reading Courtney.

  1. Reply

    It looks like you had a great trip! I am in London for the next few days and I hope to see some of these sites.

    1. Reply

      Ah! How exciting! Definitely try and walk around.

  2. Reply

    I love London. I can’t wait to go back. Westminster Abbey is so grand and beautiful. It was one of my favorite places we visited.

    1. Reply

      It is so stunning! I can’t imagine getting married there.

    • Flo
    • March 31, 2017

    Love the pictures…visiting London is on my bucket list

    1. Reply

      It is so wonderful! Definitely do it!

  3. Reply

    I still can’t believe you were in the UK!!! This trip looks like it was a dream!

    Rachel /

    1. Reply

      It was all so perfect!

  4. Reply

    I miss London and I couldn’t help but click on this so I could stroll down memory lane. I visited by myself and on a whim and cried when I left the Tube and entered Heathrow. Amazing place and an amazing vibe (and of course Harry Potter) 🙂

    1. Reply

      Yes! Can’t forget Harry Potter. I miss it so much. I want to go back already!

  5. Reply

    Wow!! How cool! I’d love to visit London it looks like so much fun! My parents when there on their honeymoon ages ago. ❤

    1. Reply

      Oh! What a fun honeymoon spot! Thanks for reading Bobbi.

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