A “Berry” Fun Date

Right before I started back to work at college Michael and I went strawberry picking! It was seriously so fun! At the base of the mountains there is this cute farm that has a bunch of different fruit options all year long for people to come and pick. 
There were a few different options for us to pick, but both of us love strawberries so it wasn’t a hard choice! The fields were so cute. You could smell the strawberries when you walked up and as you picked them.
Some of the strawberries had bugs on them, but I stayed away from those. We just walked around and picked the ones that looked all red. It was fun searching for them throughout the bushes.
While we were walking back to pay for the berries we passed these rows of flowers so Michael paid and we got to cut some blooms. They were beautiful and smelled so good!
It was such a fun date! I really enjoyed our time spent together. Not to mention being outdoors was great! Have you ever been fruit picking?

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Mariah Cooke
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