A Belated Happy Mother’s Day

I know that Mother’s Day was on Sunday and I am a few days late with this post. However, when I went to type it up I found my computer screen to be broken…so two days later and using a different computer here’s to wishing all the moms a happy mothers day! Particularly my extraordinary mother!
My mother is an incredible blessing to my family. She is my best friend, and has always been there for me. She is the coolest mom around! She takes us out, she dresses adorable, and she takes selfies with her daughters. 

My mom has always made it a point to spend time with her daughters, especially after my sister and I have had busy weeks. She constantly goes out of her way to help my sister and I out. She is our rock, and we rely on her for so much.

Those 3 women in that picture above have changed an incredible amount over the years. I have watched my mom deal with her first and now finishing her second year as a fifth grade teacher. I have watched her deal with troublesome kids, and listened to her funny classroom stories. Yet, I also remember the time when she was struggling through college as she went back to school much later in life. However, like the strong woman she is she succeeded. She proves to my sister and me everyday that anything is possible no matter what weakness you have. I know that my mom would be there for us no matter. That I can tell her anything, call her up in any instance, or ask her any question and she’d do the best she can for me. 

A mother’s bond is unbreakable. We three girls are extremely close and that has not changed for us over the years. I believe that a mother’s bond never leaves a child. I believe that we will always be close in our own special way. A way that is very different than most families. My mother, and sister are my best friends. I hope that I never take my mother for granted or the daily deeds that she does for our family. I pray that I can be a wife and mother like her one day. She is an amazing example. 

I love you mama!


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Mariah Cooke
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