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A great watch is always a necessity to me. I don’t wear a watch with every outfit, but if my wrists are going to be shown, I feel like something needs to be there. Watches are always a tricky thing for me since I have such small wrists! However, I love this one! Last Christmas my parents gifted me an all metal, rose gold watch which I wear quite frequently. Except, I feel like metal doesn’t work with every outfit. So when AIBI reached out to me to talk about their watches, I knew I wanted a leather¬†one.

Once I chose the style I wanted from their many available options, I was still a little nervous of how it would fit me. Once I got it though, I was totally pleased! It fits beautifully and doesn’t look too large on my small frame. One of their watches would be ¬†an amazing Christmas present for anyone, and the best part is you can get a discount! Use the code MOOSMUSIN for $20 off! I don’t know about you, but I am always likely to buy something when there’s a discount. So don’t miss out! Let me know what your favorite watch style is!

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