9 Amazon Home Finds To Buy Now

No one tells you how expensive owning a house is. From all the things to fix up, and then decorations it’s painful to the bank account. While our house is very much so coming a long we still have some spaces to decorate. I have some things hung on the wall, but our upstairs still has a way to go. But what about the stuff we do have? I wanted to share some of my favorite items we’ve gotten from amazon for our new home. I am totally in love with all these items! If you want to see them in use I made a Instagram Reels/TikTok featuring them all.

  1. Spinning organizer – I use this in our bathroom to organize all my skincare. It helps things look way better on the counter rather than be scattered everywhere.
  2. Mug Rack – I’ve had this in the last three houses I’ve lived in and at this point need to keep it rather than rebuying it. It’s so useful and frees up cabinet space.
  3. Garage Door Hardware – These are magnetic pieces that spruce up the garage to make it look like a carriage door. Usually those style of doors are more expensive, but doing this is much cheaper! I got the plastic ones for under $12, but they make metal ones too.
  4. Beeswax lunch wrap – I love sustainable items, and this beeswax lunch wrap replaces sandwich bags for when I take a sandwich to work.
  5. Reusable KCups – If you have a favorite coffee, but would rather buy the grounds instead of the KCups this product is for you!
  6. Light Switch Covers – We have a few switches in our house that lead to important things that can’t be turned off. (Like our dishwasher…that was a new thing for me.) So to make sure they didn’t get switched Adam bought these covers. They are super easy to add to any light switch.
  7. Wifi Smart Lock – My parents have a keypad entry on their front door. I’ve always loved it so I don’t have to dig for my keys in my purse to unlock the door. This goes on step further and has an auto unlock when your phone gets close to the door. We are big fans!
  8. Ecobee Thermostat – Another fun smart home feature. Similar to The Nest the Ecobee Thermostat works with Alexa and is amazing for our home.
  9. Godinger Plate Set – I actually got these as a gift from Macy’s for our wedding, but they are also sold on Amazon.

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