8 Lessons I Learned From Moving Out

lessons moving out parents house
lessons moving out parents house
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I have been living out of my parents house (see posts here and here) for almost 4 months now. While this was a “big” change, I honestly haven’t felt very different. Maybe that’s because I still see my parents every week, or because I waited until I was almost 25 to move out. I’m not sure why but things haven’t felt much different. When I started the process I thought I for sure was going to have a mental/emotional break down about a month in, but it just never came. Don’t get me wrong, I miss everyone and my pets, my cooking is farrrr less impressive than my mothers, but living on my own just didn’t feel that different. There are however some lessons or tips per say that I’ve come across that I wanted to share.

Who you live with matters.

I’ve moved twice since December (I know not ideal…). I’ve lived with roommates who barely interact and don’t even let you know when they are going on vacation. I am also now living with people who never stop interacting! We have to be purposeful to shut our doors sometimes when we want to be alone. Both have pros and cons. When deciding to move out chose who you live with wisely. I’m not saying craigslist roommates are bad, but it can put a damper on your home life when you don’t feel like you can hang out anywhere except your room. Living with girls who I have actually become friends with is just so fun! Experiencing this bond for the first time over these months is the only thing that has made me regret commuting to university and not living on campus. I so wish I could have experienced this type of friendship sooner. We help each other out around the house way more, we let each other know who’s going to be home, and we hang out at least once a week. It makes the home environment so nice!

You are always at the grocery store.

Like ALWAYS. I feel like I am constantly heading to the grocery store, just returning from there, or needing to go. Shopping/cooking for one or even two is really hard. Most items come in different quantities (hello hot dogs and buns issue) which means they all run out at different times!

Also, lets chat meal planning…learning to shop for the week ahead and remembering to have all ingredients for said meal you planned is hard. You basically are building your own kitchen stock of food. Things like worcestershire sauce, ketchup, or flour. Those things seem to just always be around and last forever but starting out means you gotta remember “hey I need that to cook a steak.”

*tip* sheet pan meals are helpful! Check out my food board on pinterest for other great ideas.

Have medicine ahead of time.

Just like your pantry has to be built up so does your medicine cabinet. I learned this the hard way twice now. First was when I burned myself and didn’t have any neosporin, the second was when I caught an awful cold and had nothing. I mean NOTHING! And going to the local CVS after work while sick to get meds is not fun. I finished the only box of tissues I had, and needed everything from cough syrup to Vic’s and Nyquil.

We create a lot of waste.

While I took the trash out at my parents house it’s so different to see how much waste we produce in your own living environment. The biggest thing I see is zip block bags. I am constantly using them for lunches and snacks. I use tupperware for left overs, but I really want to start finding more reusable household/kitchen items.

Got any tips? Drop them in the comments below!

Mom’s know where everything is because their the ones who bought it and put it away.

While mom’s totally have a lot of superpowers I think I have learned how they came to earn this one. When you’re the one doing the shopping you remember how much chicken you had in the freezer and if someone touched threw out your beloved eggs. Safety pins? In the bottom drawer with the batteries because I ran out of those and bought extras and put them there too.

Stay on top of housework.

It doesn’t take a lot to make a house feel gross. One week skipped vacuuming leaves a ridiculous amount of dust bunnies and the kitchen gets sticky. In a house full of girls their is hair everywhere and skipping vacuuming also means you can feel hair on the carpet. Trust me, it’s gross.

Living with roommates means the chores are designated, but even better when you pick good people to live with everyone just helps out. If everyone pitches in, cleans up after themselves and is even willing to help others out the house magically stays in pretty good shape.

You remember a lot of things your mom did.

The amount of times over the last few months that I’ve gotten stuck doing something and been like oh I’ve seen my mom do ____ is crazy! Most of the time it isn’t even a specific memory or something I aimed to remember, it just comes to me! My mom is incredibly creative and MacGyver’s just about any situation. Whenever I can come up with some trick to fix something I am so proud!


Basically it’s the truth! You’re parents have never been as old as they are. They’ve never done the whole adult children thing or retirement thing. You’re friends have never done the baby thing. You’ve never done the single life thing or the serious relationship. Life is all about trial and error. It’s just a best guess chance and hope it works out and learn to roll with it when/if it doesn’t. You’ll be okay. You’ll get there. There is no timeline, no normal. Everyone is doing and learning new things all the time. Just wing it and have fun!


Lessons From Moving Out
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    This is so true, especially the groceries. Everytime I get home from grocery shopping I look at it and think, what did I actually buy?

    1. Reply

      Right! And it’s like then I go to cook and find other things I am missing.

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    This outfit is so cute, Mariah! Love this post, too – it’s all SO true!


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      Thanks friend!

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    I love all of your tips! Finding the right person to live with is so hard. Always being at the grocery store is so true. I swear we are running there every other day.

    1. Reply

      Right! The grocery store is like a frequent place. I swear I’m there more than stores I actually love.

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    This post is so true! I reminisce on my roommate years and I think part of that is that I learned SO much from them. I wish someone would have told me that sometimes it was going to look like a crap show. Lol. But it was one of the best experiences of my life. I hope people come across this post before moving out…it would have helped my expectations.

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      Aw thank you Lindsey! I think we all have to be honest with each other about what to expect. No one seems to talk enough about it.

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