5 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

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Moo's Musing Valentine's Day
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5 Valentine's Day Dates
Moo's Musing Valentine's Day
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Valentine's Day Date Ideas

As I mentioned over in this blog post I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day. I think it’s a fun holiday and always nice to feel special, but sometimes there’s just too much pressure. When it’s in the middle of the week it can be hard to get away or even do a date that night. Last year Adam had gotten me concert tickets for Christmas that just happened to be on Valentine’s day. In the end, though it was a blast he had to rush off to pick his brother up at the airport anyway. Which really does not matter at all and yet for some regular life things seem to get in the way. I wanted to share 5 date night ideas that aren’t your traditional going out to dinner. While these could be perfect for your Valentine’s plans they could also just be great date ideas for any time!

Cheer On A Local Team

Some of my favorite dates that Adam and I have been on are to a game of some sort. We recently went to our local hockey team and it was a blast! You can usually buy last minute tickets for very cheap. We didn’t even purchase the hockey tickets until the day of!

Unplug and Cook Together

In all transparency this is like a weekly thing over here. Adam and I don’t eat out very much (hello saving money) so we are constantly cooking at home. While I do most of the cooking he’s usually in the kitchen with me and it’s just the best thing. Tip – ladies let your man help and try not to have a specific time frame. I know if I feel rushed to get dinner on or in the oven I like to do it all myself rather than explaining how to do it or how I want it done. So take your time and enjoy the company!

Board Games or A Puzzle

Hello old people alert! LOL My parents always tease us because we love puzzles! I like to think it’s because Adam and I have logical math brains but it probably has zero to do with that. Any way, board games can be a blast! Sometimes even headed to a local brewery and playing cards is a great date we love too.

Progressive Dinner

This date idea can be done two different ways. We have a few local spots that are like a massive food hall. They have all sorts of dinner, dessert, and drink options. You could either head to a place like that and get each platter from a different spot or just restaurant hop for each course. Both would be a great way to experience a variety of places.


Okay, I know what you’re thinking this does not sound like a date night. But, hear me out! If you’re a couple who wants kids, or has a bunch of friends with kids and you don’t this is so kind and helpful. It also is a test for your own relationship ;P But really, this is a great way to serve your friends or people around you. Let the couple who doesn’t get as much time alone have some while you watch their kids. This is actually what Adam and I will be doing Valentine’s Day night.

What’s your favorite date night?

photos by Tiffany Maudlin


    • Megan
    • February 14, 2020

    I seriously love this top! You look so good! There is no shame in games and puzzles! I think it’s an awesome date night activity.

    1. Reply

      100% agree Megan!

    • Ashley Hargrove
    • February 14, 2020

    I absolutely love these ideas!! The babysitting idea is so smart and actually a fun way to bond too over something totally different than the norm. We’re just going to a quick dinner and coming back home to relax!

    1. Reply

      Totally agree Ashley! It’s a fun little twist and helps out a friend.

  1. Reply

    We are staying in tomorrow, but we LOVE playing games over glasses of Cabernet! Thanks for the reminder!

    1. Reply

      Yes! Thats such a fun evening and perfect quality time.

  2. Reply

    I really love the last suggestion! What a nice thing to do for a couple that has kids and will give you and your significant other practice for your own!

    1. Reply

      Thanks Caitlin. I loved getting to help out my friend.

  3. Reply

    Love the ideas you have, because I’ve actually never had anyone suggest progressive dinners. We love doing that when we travel, so why not doing it for date night!? So smart. I definitely did a double take when I read babysit, but after reading your thoughts it definitely MAKES sense!

    1. Reply

      Oh my gosh thats such a great idea for while you travel too!

  4. Reply

    Love that blush wrap top…so pretty! Perfect for Valentine’s Day! xoxo, Sarah

    1. Reply

      Thanks Sarah!

    • Laura Leigh
    • February 12, 2020

    We will definitely be doing the unplug and cook dinner idea with a board game too! Makes for the perfect night in of quality time!

    xo Laura Leigh

    1. Reply

      Totally agree Laura!

    • Stephanie
    • February 11, 2020

    Fun ideas! We’ll be traveling for a family member’s birthday – and in an Airbnb in a random little town in NJ. So it’s not ideal for celebrating a romantic holiday BUT we’re planning to bring games and wine and order Chinese takeout to eat while watching a movie – which sounds pretty wonderful, if you ask me 🙂

    1. Reply

      Aw that still sounds so lovely Stephanie.

  5. Reply

    I am so obsessed with this pink wrap top on you!!! OBSESSED. Love all of these date night ideas, too. I can’t believe it’s already Valentine’s Day!


    1. Reply

      Aw thanks Rachel! Hope your V-day was great!

  6. Reply

    Looking so gorgeous girl! Love the idea of having a game night! How fun!

    1. Reply

      Thanks Hillary!

    • Molly
    • February 11, 2020

    My BF and I have done a progressive dinner together and we loved it! So fun!!

    1. Reply

      It’s so fun and a great way to try new places!

    • Nailil
    • February 11, 2020

    These are the perfect ideas. Staying in can be just as fun as going out.

    Xx, Nailil

    1. Reply

      Totally agree Nailil!

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