5 Things I Am Thankful For


Since today is Thanksgiving I believe that calls for a thankful post…I mean duh right!? Not to mention that I know I am extremely blessed, spoiled, and overwhelmed with things I need to remember and be thankful for.

Here are only a FEW things that I am thankful for this Thanksgiving.

1. My family. Even when they irritate me beyond belief I still love them. No matter what they are always by my side. God gave them specifically to me and nothing can take that away. They will always love me and I will always love them. We are family.

2. Donny. I mean come on how could leave him out? He is just plain great. He is there for me even at my lowest or darkest hour. He cares for me and spoils me. He is my best friend. He listens to my crazy random rants that I seem to go on at times. I could not ask for a better boyfriend.

3. Travel. This vacation that I am on right now is especially a reason to be thankful. My family has been blessed with the opportunity to travel that many others do not get. This is something I hope to one day do with my children. Seeing the world is something I hope to never take advantage of.

4. Education. At times this is hard for me to be thankful for. When I am stressed over a test or annoyed with a homework assignment I am not very grateful for the education I am getting. I know things will be very different now that I have changed my major, but I need to remember and be thankful more often for the chance to go to college.

5. You, blog readers. I know there are not very many of you blog readers out there. However, I am never ceased to be surprised when I run into someone and they mention my blog. I love to write and blog and it is something I would do if I have just Donny and my family reading or if I have millions of readers. Yet, I never will stop being thankful for you. I love getting comments or knowing hey they really liked that post. You all mean so much to me. The whole blogging community is just incredible!

These are only 5 of the MANY things that I have to be thankful for this year. I hope all of you are blessed with amazing Thanksgiving. In the stress and craziness of the holiday season do not forget to enjoy your company, even those that irritate you. Time spent with loved ones is time well spent.


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