5 Styling Tips To Up Your Fashion Game

Fashion Tips

Fashion Tips

Can we talk about how there’s just those days where you feel super blah. I know we all do this! Just stand in front of our closet with tons of options but still nothing exciting pops out? It happens to me frequently. Way more frequently than I’d like to admit. So I wanted to share some of my go to styling tips to spruce up an outfit when you are feeling uninspired.

1. Layer It

Layers. Seriously, try layering something…anything. A cardigan, vest, sweater, button up, chambray. Just try something!

2. Roll It

This is my biggest pet peeve ever when it comes to fashion. We roll our jeans with booties people. ROLL PEOPLE! NEVER TUCK! However, this really can apply with any shoes when you are needing some inspiration. Just try rolling up your pants.

3. Add A Hat

This tip is actually a little harder for me. If you follow my blog then you know that you rarely see me in hats and I honestly don’t know why that is. I actually really like hats and I think they can add to or change an outfit in so many different ways! So don’t be afraid to throw on a hat!

4. Roll The Sleeves

I love doing this. I’ll roll the sleeves of baggy t-shirts, button ups, sweaters. Rolling the sleeves is like my go to.

5. Tuck It In

Being small this tip really helps me be able to wear shirts that are a little to big. The fun thing about tucking shirts in is that there are so many ways to tuck it. You can tuck it all in, you can tuck in just the front, do a half tuck, or just one side of a shirt. So many ways!

Do you have any other tips to add?!


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