5 Coats To Have In Your Closet


Moving to the East Coast has really taught me about the need for coats and jackets. I’ve become obsessed and I now understand why people have so many! While I could totally own multiple colors or patterns of the same wool coat there are 5 types of jackets that I think everyone should have in their closet.

The best part about these ones I’ve rounded up – they don’t have to break the bank. Sure, you can spend hundreds of dollars on coats, but I’ve found some good dupes of some great ones too. From a plaid coat at Forever 21, to a quilted jacket at walmart, coats don’t have to break the bank.

Quilted Jacket

I wanna start off with the lightest jacket. These quilted jackets have become so popular lately. I love how they are perfect for casual weekend trips and can be layered over a tee shirt or a sweater. Here I’m wearing one from walmart that’s a solid plain color, but have you seen the one’s from target that actually look like a quilt? I’m seriously loving all the patterns they offer.

Leather Jacket

Everyone needs a good leather jacket (or a few) in their closet. It adds the perfect edge to a date night outfit, or even over a dress. This black one I’m wearing is middle of the road pricing, and you can really go cheaper or higher if you want. I love having the classic black, but I also own a pink and tan leather jacket. It’s fun to have options!

Belted Drape Coat

This is probably the fanciest coat I own. While it can totally be worn like the other two coats below, it just gives off a chicer vibe. There are some drape coats that are more casual too. I’ve linked some below.

Wool Coat

This is my all time coat I think everyone should own. I actually bought this in California when J Crew was having a sale, but never got to wear it until I moved. A classic camel or black wool coat is a must. It’s the warmest coat I own, and it is so useful!

Plaid Coat

I am so proud of finding this coat. I really wanted a plaid coat, but didn’t want to spend $100. I got this one from Forever 21. It’s sold out now, but Old Navy has others. I think having a coat that pops is so fun! I’d love to eventually own a colored one.

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    I’m especially loving the last two coats! I have a few wool coats and plaid coats in my closet. They’re my go-to outerwear pieces for sure!

    • Neely Moldovan
    • January 6, 2022

    I think I have all of these other than a plaid coat! I love the one you have!

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    Yass! I would also argue that a trench coat would be a great addition to this list as well!

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