3 Day Weekend


 Happy Tuesday friends! How was your 3 day weekend? It is so nice to start the week on a Tuesday. Am I right?! 

This weekend was a pretty chill one. I really enjoyed myself.

Friday night I chilled at home. My parents were gone for the weekend and my sister went to Disneyland to enjoy her last day with her pass. So I spent the night at home with a facial, cooking, and watching a movie. It was nice and relaxing. 

Saturday started decently early with Michael coming down the mountain. We went and got breakfast at this little whole in the wall place down the way from my house. 

After breakfast we went and picked up my sister. We all headed downtown and checked out a local farmers market and bookstore. 
Then we headed to the library near by and my sister went off in search of books. Michael and I walked over to the children’s section and sat and read different picture books while we waited for her. It was so fun! Picture books are one of my favorite things in the whole world!

I had packed a picnic lunch for the three of us and so we headed to the UCR botanical gardens and had a picnic. Michael and Maddi both fell asleep while we were there. It was a little chilly outside so we didn’t walk around to much.

We ended the day with Jenga, pizza, and a movie. It was a pretty good Saturday!
Sunday I had to work…that was it. 
Monday, my family celebrated my moms birthday! We went out to lunch, and then went to see the new X-men movie. The X-men are some of my mom’s favorite super hero films!
How was your three day weekend? Do anything special? 

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