3 Day Weekend

Happy three day weekend! I hope you all had a relaxing time. My weekend was a blast! I really enjoyed having a day off and not having to worry about anything!
Friday night I got off work and came home to my bed and Mr. Darcy. I have been dying to watch this movie recently! It was so nice to have a night away and to travel back in time with Jane Austen. 

If you follow me on instagram you saw the above post. I got my nose repierced Saturday. I got my nose pierced on my 18th birthday and almost a year later it ended up getting infected so I had to take it out. I have missed having it so much! I am so exited to finally get it again. However, I can say the second time around was way more painful!

Saturday night these two brothers that my sister and I have been hanging out with recently came over for a movie night. We ate pizza, played phase 10 (a card game), and watched the movie Super 8. Which was scary if I do say so. I don’t do well with things that pop out at me and that movie had a lot of things that made me jump! It was still a really fun time! I enjoyed myself.

Sunday was a nice relaxing. My family went to church, and then I ran errands with my sister and mom. We came home and just relaxed. 

 Monday was beach day! I know…its January. Someone forgot to notify California that it is actually suppose to be winter. Considering today was 75 and tomorrow is suppose to 80 I think we are preparing for one very hot summer…  Yet, it was a very nice day at the beach. A little chilly but very enjoyable! My family met the brothers, David and Aaron, down there. It wasn’t to crowded. We had a picnic lunch, played volleyball, and explored the jetty. 

My sister and I ended the day while watching footloose in bed. I would say it was a very good day!

How did you spend your holiday weekend? Relaxing, working? I hope you all had a very enjoyable and safe weekend!


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