25th Lemon Themed Birthday Party

Today’s blog post is going to look a little different than a typical fashion post and fits more into the lifestyle aspect of Moo’s Musing. I am super excited to share it with y’all though and I have been thinking about it all month! If you caught this post then you know I recently celebrated my 25th birthday. *woot**woot* I did something totally out of the norm to celebrate this year and actually held a party. (Which is obviously normal for most people but I usually choose to travel for my birthdays…ex: Paris.)

For those of you who don’t know, I work a side gig as a wedding planner/coordinator. It’s such a fun job and a really cool aspect is the event and table design that goes into it. So for my birthday I wanted to throw a nice little dinner party for my close girl friends and creating it was seriously so fun!


The whole party and decor was lemon themed if you couldn’t tell. 😉 There was no rhyme or reason to why I picked this, I just really love lemons! I love lemon flavored desserts, and citrus in general. Plus citrus felt like it fit a spring vibe. However, California this year was not as warm as it usually is on my birthday so blankets and fires were a must to be outdoors. I was just so glad it didn’t rain! Thank the Lord!

The best part about this party is that basically the whole thing was around $100!

I had the party in my parents back yard, which is already set up so cute! I took their outdoor dining set and layered a few other plastic and round tables on each end to make more space for my guests seating. If a rectangle plastic table is something you don’t have I totally suggest purchasing one. We keep ours around to use while camping, or parties. You can get one for fairly inexpensive at home depot.

The next thing to decide upon was how I wanted my tables to look. I had created a pinterest board of other lemon party ideas and knew that I wanted some sort of citrus garland down the center. As an obvious tablescape lover I also knew I wanted plates and napkins at each spot. From here it was just picking what style of table setting I would like. Gold flatware was a must, and I searched high and low for the cheapest option. Surprisingly Target won out with 60 pieces for only $5!

Just about everything else came from Party City. I had never shopped at Party City before since there wasn’t one near us growing up, but I have to say I was pretty happy with their selection. I bought everything online and picked it up in store. They had a whole lemon party set, which I ended up buying in separates and only using some of. The lemon printed plastic table clothes, white plates, lemon napkins, gold numbers, straws, and clear cups all came from Party City.

I layered each plate and napkin with flatware and a small yellow candy at each place setting along with a cup and straw. Down the center of the table my mom and I had cut branches from our front tree. The lemons and grapefruit came from our own tree as well as friends and neighbors.

Overall it looked so much better than I could have imagined. I loved getting to decorate something for my friends. Watching them walk out to the backyard and see everything was just so fun! It was all so cute!

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