24th Birthday Celebration

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Birthday balloons My birthday week has officially come to an end. I am back to work today and its feeling like a Monday. This weekend was so lovely! It was so nice to get away with some of my friends and family. While it was no where near Paris 😉 it was seriously great!

We started the weekend off by leaving work early Friday and heading down to Carlsbad. We ended up there earlier than we thought so we had time to stop by the beach and enjoy the ocean for about 40 minutes. Then we went to the spa! I found Karma Spa online and at first was a little hesitant. The prices were lower than normal which I obviously appreciated but wondered why. I yelped it though and all the reviews were pretty great. My friends and my experience there was great. I got a facial and one of my friends got a deep tissue. While it wasn’t a super in depth facial it was perfect for the price! We all walked out feeling super relaxed.

Saturday we went to breakfast at Con Pane, a little french bakery down in San Diego, and met up with some friends who live down there. I got to meet their new baby for the first time! It was really great to catch up. Plus Con Pane seriously has the best baked goods!

After breakfast we headed to the Birch Aquarium. It’s a lot smaller than our Long Beach one, but they did have a fun little hands on area with a great view. After that we hit up some thrift stores and this store Pigment that I had found on Instagram. Seriously it was like blogger basic girl perfection in there. You could make your own succulent pot, or buy other little garden accessories. They also had so many cute gift items and paper goods. Outside the store was this pink wall (hello blogger heaven).

After walking around shopping we came back to the hotel for a quick nap before dinner that night. We went to this restaurant in Little Italy called Civico 1845. It was delicious! Totally worth stopping in on if you are visiting. Then Sunday before we headed home we stopped in at the Cat Cafe. I had never been to one before and was really looking forward to it! It was so cute and fun! Most of the cats slept but there were a few we got to play with and all of them were friendly and let us pet them. I just love that they are all adoptable too. Such a great idea to help animals be put in new homes.

Overall, it was such a nice weekend. It felt so good to get away and be near the ocean. I loved it. Now here’s to 24 and being in my mid twenties. My friends and I had a discussion while we were on our way down there about the fact that now technically we aren’t in our early 20’s anymore. 24, 25, and 26 would be considered mid and we are there now. 24 definitely feels closer to 30 than 23 did. It really isn’t a big difference but I do feel older this birthday. I know I am still young but man is reality setting in!

Here’s a fun little recap video from my weekend!


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