21st Birthday


It’s official I am 21! My mother told my that my youth is over…But that’s okay because I feel like I still can do so much and have so much fun. Being 21 feels so weird. I do feel older. Like I don’t have anymore birthdays to look forward too, or the fact that if I wasn’t an adult before I really am now!

This birthday was pretty fun. It was the Friday before spring break so that was awesome! I also didn’t have any classes on Friday so I got to sleep in. Michael only had classes in the early morning so he had a surprise date planned. Once we got in the car he told me where we going, which was The Getty Museum in L.A. I love museums, and it was so fun!

Also, look at this diamond necklace Michael got me. I’m seriously so blessed!
After we got back from L.A. my parents took us out to dinner and to see Cinderella. Which if you haven’t seen this movie you need too! It was so good! I loved every aspect of the movie. I thought it was so well done! I can’t believe how much effort was put in to the movie so they didn’t use a lot of cg. Just go see it!



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