The 2016 Outtakes

2016 Outtakes

2016 Outtakes

Happy New Years Eve! We all know and have seen all the complaints about 2016, and I will agree it wasn’t the best year. However, whether there were a lot of high points or low points it was another year to be lived and for that I am grateful! I hit some serious life milestones, traveled to some fun places, and accomplished many things.

I want to thank you as my readers for an amazing year, and I am incredibly grateful for you. Writing this blog is such a fun hobby of mine, and seeing your comments or views always brightens my day. For those of you who are a regular visitor to this space I hope you feel at home here and like we are friends. And if we aren’t friends say hello, or send me an e-mail! Meeting y’all is one of my favorite parts of this journey.

Now onto a fun little recap of the year! Unless you watch my intstagram stories most of what you see is the pretty side of my life. I thought it would be fun to see the not so pretty outtakes that happen with every blog photoshoot. Here’s just a few of the best outtakes and the blog posts that they didn’t make it too.

Puffer Vest Outfit

*It’s just too much*

Red Cardigan Valentines Day Outfit

I know this outtake isn’t as fun as most of the others, but it comes with a story. My annoyed face that you can see if for the man who drove past as my mother was taking pictures for me and yelled the F-word at me…so thank you strange man for the compliment, but it really was unnecessary to cuss in front of my mother.

J Crew Top

*when I can’t think of anymore poses*

Burnt Orange Coat

*the wind just doesn’t cooperate*
Blogger Outtakes

*Is this thing even working?!*

Ice Cream Romper Outfit

Most of the pictures from this shoot seriously just looked like I was making out with my ice cream…

Hair Flip

I think every post has a hair toss outtake

Berry Picking Outfit

*I am clumsy…and I am awkward*

Blanket Scarf Outfit

*A bug flew down my shirt, I had a freak out. The end.*

Leaf Throwing

*That’s it! I’m done!*

That’s all folks! Time to take more awkward funny photos in 2017.

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    I sometimes like the outtake posts the best 😀 because they are so real life. 🙂 Awesome work! 🙂

      • January 11, 2017

      Yes, this is totally my life! Thanks for reading Madara.

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